Solved What to Do If uTorrent Keeps Freezing?

The reason for using a lightweight torrent client is that it only focuses on downloading torrents and speeds up the transfer rate. Utorrent and qBittorrent are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Leechers are users that are downloading a file and have not yet seeded it.

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  • Today you will find the most effective method on how to completely uninstall uTorrent on your Mac machine in just some minutes of time.
  • Also, you can add or remove torrents if you like.
  • UTorrent can be used on a computer running Windows 11 or Windows 10.

However, you may not like everything that shows up there. The Start Menu is essentially a place for different types of shortcuts. One of the handiest types of shortcuts in Windows 11 is shortcuts for folders. You can have quick access to a number of different folders from right next to the power menu button. This handy feature is surprisingly not enabled by default.

Disable Connection Data Limits

However, magnet links can easily be converted to torrent files with a service like Magnet2Torrent. Control the upload and download speed via the two boxes at the bottom. Press the Save button to save individual files to your drive or Remove to cancel the download. Try to use Virtual Private Network to bypass the restrictions so that you are able to share and download torrent files.

That said, it could be your laptop or desktop causing the issues. In that case, you could try setting a static IP on your Windows computer—or, if you prefer, using the Windows command prompt. Members of Team Penguin can check out this tutorial on how to set a static IP in Ubuntu. It’s also worth noting thatiPhones have a built-in function for changing IPs and setting static ones too.

My download of one torrent has suddenly stopped @ 53.9%. This guide is not for the latest version of uTorrent that I have because of differences in the “Options” tabs in my version and the one used in that screenshot. UTorrent is one of the popular and most used BitTorrent clients right now. From here, navigate the Network section and expand your Processes with Network Activity. This will allow you to preview all processes running on your system which are using up your connection. This could be your browser running in the background, Steam, Teams, Discord, etc.

How to Increase uTorrent Download Speed [100% WORKING]

There are some bandwidth conversion tools online, likeToolStudioorGbMb, which can help you convert those values. If you want to stick with uTorrent, you can check the current bandwidth and network settings on the platform itself. Once the test is finished, uTorrent will configure itself for best performance.

Incorrect Proxy Setting

Best-in-class encryption also means that ExpressVPN can grant you access to The Pirate Bay when you’re traveling abroad. I could easily connect to a local server and access The Pirate Bay, making sure to stay within the legal regulations of the countries I visited. Right now, subscribing to ExpressVPN lets you save 49% OFF its regular price.

Without port forwarding, those connections will be blocked by your router, and you will get a low priority from other seeds. By having your port forwarded your priority will go up and your download speed will increase drastically. Pay attention during the installation, to prevent installing unwanted crap. The instructions will be pretty much the same for all other clients. Setting the upload rate to 70-80% of your maximum upload speed and setting the download rate at 0 might be an excellent way to speed up torrenting.

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