How to Use uTorrent Getting Started With Torrenting

The wrong link or torrent file can get you in a lot of trouble. Luckily, there are some simple steps you can take to stay safe while torrenting. Famous scene groups like Skidrow and Codex don’t have websites. Instead, these torrent sites have someone else re-uploading their games. Technically speaking, using a scene group name on your site is not the coolest thing to do, and avid followers of “the warez scene” don’t look too kindly on “fake” scene sites.

If your ISP throttles your download speed then you can easily bypass that by hiding your online traffic by using encryption software known as VPN. These software changes your IP address to one of their server’s IP address and also encrypts all of your data. Hence your ISP can’t understand what you are doing online and thus can’t limit your internet speed. The following ruTorrent tips and tricks will take your ruTorrent experience to the next level. Whether is to manage RSS via the WebGUI, customize ruTorrent with plugins, directly share files with your friends through the application, or download torrents automatically. Some ISPs actively interfere with P2P activities in order to reduce their bandwidth requirements.


I want to know how to hide torrenting from your isp because I just learned they know pretty much everything you do online and I hate that. Also how do I hide my IP address when torrenting for free? Bear with me guys, as I’m very new to this whole thing. I’m not knowledgeable about this but I do want to learn so I will listen to any advice you guys have to share. Now, this is an optional step, but one that you should be doing from time to time (especially if you think the file you’re downloading is a bit sketchy).

  • He is an adherent of evil, destroys and wreaks havoc.
  • It’s fast and cheap, and – most importantly – it will keep your IP address hidden.
  • In Global Download Rate Limiting section, change the value of Maximum download rate to the speed that matches with the actual download speed.

That being said, you shouldn’t have a problem downloading anything through the sites in our roundup as long as you employ the best safety practices we mentioned. The site specializes in torrents with HD quality and small size, optimizing for any device or bandwidth. Second, ad intrusion is minimal, and the interface is beautiful. It’s simply one of the best torrent sites for downloading movies. You can expect download speeds between 3 and 4 MB/s. Besides the great protection and no-logs policy, NordVPN also has advanced support for torrenting.

Use an ISO file after downloading a torrent

Utorrent and qBittorrent are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. UTorrent is an efficient BitTorrent client for Windows from the originator of the BitTorrent protocol. Unlike many torrent clients, it does not hog valuable system resources–typically using less than 6MB of memory, allowing you to use the computer as if it weren’t there at all.

If you have a slow download speed, you should cut your upload by a quarter to get the best results. UTorrent is a free, ad-supported torrent client that allows you to download and share files over the internet using the BitTorrent protocol. Some users leave the download rate without limitations while limiting the upload rate. BitTorrent protocol uses an algorithm called “choking” to ensure fair sharing.

While your computer or phone is waiting for packets from one torrent, it can send out requests for packets from another. Port allocation for uTorrent defaults to somewhere between 6881 and 6999. Accordingly, many ISPs throttle these ports so that torrenting traffic won’t burden their network. If your ISP throttles these ports, it makes sense to change them. The recommendation is to change the port to something over to avoid both throttling and conflicts within your computer. Do not be tempted to turn off your firewall when torrenting, as this opens your computer up to malware and all sorts of threats.

As mentioned earlier, uTorrent works on Android devices as well. So, let’s explain how to use uTorrent to download movies on your smartphone or tablet. All of those are the reasons why you should use a VPN when torrenting. However, aside from protecting your P2P traffic, VPNs can do much more. That’s the only way to protect your IP address, your privacy and hide your torrenting-related activities.

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