How To Download Torrents Safely and Avoid Getting a Virus

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Step 1) First, you need to test and improve upload speed of the Internet connection. It will allow you to know whether you have lower speed rates than you should be getting. You can test the Internet speed by going to and running a test.

Remember to Do These Things Before You Forward a Port

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  • Then again, this does not always mean you’ll get much higher download speeds but it is generally the case.
  • It’s available for Windows, Linux, and Mac, including recent 64-bit versions of macOS.
  • Check these settings and apply one or a combination of these, to get better download and upload speeds on your system.

If you want to permanently have caps on your uploads and downloads, you can set them here; they’re turned off by default. Your alternative rate limits are automatically set to a sensible 5mb/s down, 1mb/s up, though these can also be edited. The alternative rate limits are accessible, as mentioned above, by hitting the shortcut in the lower half of the main display, or by scheduling the user of alternative rate limits within this settings menu.

Is it safe to download uTorrent on Windows 10?

Tor is an anonymity network, and helps make it nigh on impossible for outside entities to find where a traffic source originated from. The solution to these types of threats is pretty well-known, but for laziness or some other reason, many people fail to protect themselves. That’s why torrents with many seeds also have a lot of leechers.

Is It Safe to Use qBittorrent without a VPN?

If you still encounter any difficulty in downloading torrents, leave a comment and we may be able to help, but realize that there are many individual factors to consider. ISP plans typically offer higher download than upload rates. So for example, let’s say you are paying for 25Mbps download, and 5Mbps upload as your internet speed plan.

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